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     arás trio 

    (pronounced sharás)


We are a Latin-Jazz ensemble based in Los Angeles. 

We came together as Flamenco artists in 2002. Since then, we have been working together and performing in Southern California, and on tour in the U.S.

Individually, we have studied and performed all over the world, including Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Austria and South America. 



Drawing from our backgrounds, we have created a culturally diverse repertoire, which is constantly evolving. 

Our music reflects a harmonious fusion of cultures and genres: Bossa-Nova, Samba, Jazz, Latin Jazz, Boleros, Cha-Chas, Cumbias, Flamenco Rumbas and music from Cuba and Perú. 

Our songs are performed in various languages.

Our music is "easy on the ear", the perfect background for dining and cocktails, or for dancing. 

We have recorded two albums.



We can perform in any setting: concerts, wedding receptions, happy hours, parties or special events.

We can put together a selection of music that suits your preference.

Our ensemble can be the original trio, a duo, a quartet, or a quintet... depending on the occasion and the setting.

We can provide the perfect music for your party or special event.

We can help bring patrons to your place of business by promoting to our own following.



Born in Madrid, Spain, she has been a dancer most of her life, starting with ballet as a child, in Madrid, and continuing on to study and perform in New York City and San Francisco. She moved to Los Angeles, transitioning into modern dance, and eventually Flamenco. Manena studied and performed as a Flamenco dancer and singer for 15 years, often accompanied by Gabriel Osuna's guitar and vocals. She has studied and performed in Paco & Yolanda Arroyo's Herencia Flamenca, and in various other Flamenco ensembles. Along with Flamenco dancer Estela Moll, Manena created and co-directed the ensemble Zambra Flamenco Artists, touring with Gabriel Osuna to the East Coast. Manena's deep love of music inspired her to train formally in vocal technique and expand her singing into other genres: Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz, Jazz and Rock. Manena was the lead singer in the rock band Marsden & the Waivers. She currently performs independently as a vocalist throughout Southern California. 

Manena is the director and lead vocalist in Xarás Trio.


GABRIEL GARCIA - Guitar, Cuban Tres, Vocals

Born and raised in S.Diego, Gabriel holds a MA in Jazz. He studied Classical Guitar in Spain, and later spent time in Cuba, where he learned Changüi music directly from the legendary Maestros Changüiseros. Gabriel's 5-piece band Changüi Majadero brings authentic Changüi directly from Guantánamo. The band has just recorded its first album. Gabriel also works as an independent guitarist and Cuban tres player throughout Southern California. 

Gabriel is a founding member of Xarás Trio, contributing a powerful mix of styles, with a predominant Caribean air. Montuno, Cha-Cha and Bossa, intertwined with Jazz and delivered with exquisite guitar work and beautiful vocal harmonies.


ANGELO SALAZAR - Guitar, Cuban Tres, Vocals

Angelo was born and raised in Lima, Perú. He started playing music at age 16 and has studied with John Schneider, Victor Vento, Tito Manrique, and Carlos Hayre, among others.  His styles include Afro Peruvian, Bossa Nova, Boleros, Cuban Son, Rumba Flamenca, Cumbia, Bachata and Andean Music, among others. Angelo is a member of the band Encuentro Latino, and a very active performer, as well as a teacher. Angelo participates in the Peruvian community of Los Angeles, regularly performing in traditional Peruvian festivals, concerts and community events. 

With his rich cultural background, vast experience, enormous talent and sensitivity, Angelo contributes excellent artistry to Xarás' music expressed through colorful guitar work and solid vocal harmonies.



Born in New Mexico to a family of artists and musicians, Gabriel began playing guitar and singing as a child. Later, he pursued his studies of Flamenco guitar. He lived in Sevilla, Spain, where he studied under Chuscales and El Viejin among others, and performed in the Gypsy caves of Granada. He has worked and toured with some of the most notable Flamenco artists from California, New Mexico and Spain, such as José Fernandez, Curro Albaicín and Vicente Griego "El Cartucho". He participates in the Festival de Flamenco Internacional held annually in Albuquerque, NM. He has performed at the World Fair, in Hannover, Germany, and has shared the stage with Placido Domingo in the opera Il Postino.  He is a founding member of the Latin Music group Encuentro Latino. Gabriel is based in Los Angeles and performs as an independent guitarist and vocalist in California and New Mexico. 

Gabriel is a founding member of Xarás Trio. He contributes his vocals and masterful guitar work, adding Spain's firey flavor to the mix.


GERARDO MORALES - Percussion, Guitar, Vocals

A native of East L.A. Gerardo began playing guitar and drums at age 12. He studied cajon with Peruvian cajonero Zarandonga and Latin percussion with Ricardo Tikki Pasillas. Gerardo is also a songwriter and producer, with a career that expands throughout the US, Spain and Latin America. His background includes Classical Guitar, Hip-Hop, Rock, Latin Music, Latin Pop and Flamenco. He has studied at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music, and in Sevilla, Spain, at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Cristobal de Morales. He has performed and toured with some of the most prominent Flamenco artists from Spain and California, among them, Adam del Monte, Manuel Gutierrez, Jesus Montoya, and Niño and Isaac de Los Reyes. Gerardo is a member of the Latin Music group Encuentro Latino, and of L.A.'s Subsuelo. He has toured throughout the U.S. as a Pop-Latin percussionist sharing the stage with The Black-Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera. Gerardo has worked on several feature films and is a founding member of the band The Mighty Tears of Joy. He is based in Los Angeles and works independently as a percussionist and guitarist.

Gerardo adds a perfectly combined mix of percussion to Xarás' music, as well as vocals and Flamenco guitar, all stemming from his rich artistic background.



Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Guillermo is an extraordinary bassist, recording artist and composer. He is well seasoned in a variety of styles ranging from Rock, to World Music, Andean Music and Peruvian Folklore. Along with Oscar-winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla, Guillermo was a founding member of the legendary rock band Arco Iris, pioneering in the Rock en Español movement. The band was formed in Argentina and eventually made its way to California. As a composer, Guillermo has created a vast body of work, recording countless albums. He is the composer of the score for the film Sebastian,  a Peruvian production which premiered in Lima, earlier this year. Guillermo is the artistic director of INCA, The Peruvian Ensemble, a music and dance group performing throughout Southern California. He was a founding member and bassist for the rock band Marsden and the Waivers, currently known as The 977's. Guillermo is also a well accomplished sound engineer, conducting and mixing recording sessions in his own studio, for musicians, singers and ensembles. Guillermo is based in Los Angeles and works independently as a bassist and a composer. 

Guillermo's bass work brings a solid, grounding component to Xarás' music, perfectly underlining the rhythm. His vast experience, talent and skill make him a wonderful asset to the Xarás ensemble. 

WILL BRAHM - Electric guitar

Born in Portland, Oregon, Will moved to Los Angeles in 2007. He studied at at the Cole Conservatory of Music at Cal State, Long Beach, graduating in 2012 with a Bachellors degree in jazz guitar performance. He received the K-jazz scholarship 5 times. Will performs with his own band, Homenaje, and tours internationally with New West Guitar Group. Will has recorded two albums, and brings to the Xarás ensemble his enormous talent, impeccable jazz artistry and great personality.

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